Violin Player To Acknowledge Applause

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Definition 1:
To bend forward at the neck or waist as a formal way of greeting someone or showing respect often + to .

He bowed politely and introduced himself to us.
You must bow (down) before the king.
A man bowing to kiss the hand of a woman
The men bowed and the women curtsied as the royal couple walked past.
She bowed down in front of the altar.
They bowed to each other and began talking.
She bowed to the audience and walked off stage.
Definition 2:
To turn (your head) down so that you are looking toward the ground .

People bowing their heads in prayer
His head was bowed [=lowered] in shame.
We listened with bowed heads.
Definition 3:
To stop trying to fight or resist something :to agree to do or accept something that you have been resisting or opposing usually + to .

The President bowed [=gave in, yielded] to political pressure.
They usually bow to his wishes. [=they usually do what he wants]
She finally bowed to the inevitable and accepted their decision.

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