Very Old Nurse Shaken Outside And Apprehensive

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Definition 1:
Having or showing feelings of being worried and afraid about what might happen .

She is/feels nervous about her job interview.
All this waiting is making me nervous.
He gave a nervous glance at the clock.
A nervous smile
Before the wedding the bride’s father was a nervous wreck. [=he was extremely nervous]
Definition 2:
Often or easily becoming worried and afraid about what might happen .

His nervous mother is always worrying that something terrible will happen to him.
He has a nervous disposition.
Definition 3:
Causing someone to feel worried and afraid :making someone nervous .

It was a very nervous situation.
Definition 4:
Of or relating to the nerves in your body :caused by or affected by nerves .

nervous tissue
She suffers from a nervous disorder/condition.
He walked around with a nervous twitch.
He had a nervous habit of pulling at his hair.
The boy has a lot of nervous energy.

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