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Definition 1:
In opposition to (someone or something) .

Everyone was against them. [=everyone opposed them]
We must continue the struggle for justice and against injustice.
She voted against the proposal.
You’re either for/with me or against me! [=you either support me or oppose me]
He spoke against appeasing the enemy.
The U.S. fought against Germany in World Wars I and II. = The U.S. and Germany fought against each other in World Wars I and II.
Some people were for the proposal but others were against it.
There’s a law against doing that.
His parents were angry when they learned he had borrowed the car against their wishes. [=he borrowed the car even though they did not want him to]
Against my advice, she quit her job. [=she quit her job even though I advised her not to]
He was being held against his will. [=he was being kept in a place by force even though he wanted to leave]
Definition 2:
In competition with (someone or something) .

Two runners racing against each other
It’s the Yankees against [=versus] the Red Sox tonight.
Definition 3:
used to indicate the person or thing that is affected or harmed by something .

He denies the charges that have been made against him.
The evidence against him is very convincing.
The war was a crime against humanity.
Someone has been making threats against her.
Definition 4:
Not agreeing with or allowed by (something, such as a law) .

You can’t do that. It’s against the law. [=the law does not allow it]
Touching the ball with your hands is against the rules.
I won’t do it. It’s against my principles. [=my principles don’t allow it; I believe that it is wrong]
They were acting against tradition. [=acting in a way that did not agree with tradition]
Definition 5:
Not helping or favoring (someone) .

Everything was/went against them. [=everything that happened was unfavorable to them]
Her appearance is/counts against her. [=her appearance does not help her; people form a bad opinion of her because of her appearance]
Definition 6:
As a reason for disliking (someone or something) .

I have nothing against him. [=I don’t dislike him; I have no reason for disliking him]
We disagree about many things, but I don’t hold it/that against you. [=I don’t dislike you because of it/that]
Definition 7:
used to say that one thing is being compared with another .

Profits are up this year against last year. [=profits are higher this year than they were last year]
The yen rose/fell against the dollar.
A graph that plots height against weight
We will weigh/balance the risk against the possible benefit. [=we will compare the risk with the possible benefit]
Definition 8:
As a defense or protection from (something) .

He built a crude hut as a shelter against [=from] the cold.
Injections against flu
Definition 9:
In preparation for (something) .

Saving against [=for] an uncertain future
Definition 10:
used to describe hitting or touching something or someone .

I accidentally knocked/hit my head against the shelf.
The waves were beating against [=on] the shore.
She accidentally brushed against him as she walked by.
The ladder was leaning against the wall.
She was resting her head against the side of the chair.
Definition 11:
In a direction opposite to the movement of (something) .

They were sailing against the wind.
Swimming against the current/tide
Definition 12:
With the background of (something) .

The tree looked beautiful when viewed against the dark sky.
Her colorful coat stood out against the dull colors of the room.
Definition 13:
As a charge on (something) .

The purchase was charged against [=to] her account. [=the amount of money needed for the purchase was added to the amount owed in her account]

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