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Definition 1:
To do something with (an object, machine, person, method, etc.) in order to accomplish a task, do an activity, etc. often followed by to + verb often + for often + as .

I need to use the phone when you’re done.
The machine is easy to use.
After the accident, she could no longer use her legs.
We use only organic fertilizers on our farm.
They make paper using traditional Japanese methods.
He used his time there well/wisely.
Don’t use that kind of language with me! [=don’t talk to me in that way]
Will you use [=hire, employ] a contractor or oversee the construction of the house yourself?
Which accountant/bank do you use?
Maybe if we use our heads [=think carefully], we can figure this out.
Use this knife to cut the bread.
More and more people are using the Internet to find/get information.
She used the money for college.
We use that room as an office.
The word “place” can be used as a noun or verb.
Definition 2:
To take (something) from a supply in order to function or to do a task often + up .

A new kind of light bulb that uses very little electricity
Did you use all the eggs?
Who used the last match?
The car uses a lot of gas.
Did you use up all the eggs?
Definition 3:
used to say that something is needed or to ask if something is needed or wanted usually used with can or could .

Can you use this lamp? I don’t want it anymore.
The house could use [=it needs] a coat of paint.
You look like you could use some sleep. [=you look like you need to sleep; you look tired]
I sure could use some help.
Definition 4:
To eat, drink, etc., (something) regularly .

I don’t use [=(more commonly) take] sugar in my tea.
She stopped using alcohol/drugs a year ago.
Definition 5:
To take illegal drugs regularly .

How long has he been using?
Definition 6:
To treat (someone) well in order to get something for yourself .

I realized that she was just using me (for my money).
Definition 7:
To treat (someone who is generous or helpful) unfairly .

I’d been driving them all over the place, and I was beginning to feel used.

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