U2 Guitarist’s Advantage?

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Definition 1:
The line or part where an object or area begins or ends .

They peered over the edge of the roof.
The fabric was frayed at the edge.
He made us all nervous by standing so close to the edge of the cliff.
We sat at the water’s edge. [=where the water touched the land]
She sat on the edge of the counter, swinging her legs.
Definition 2:
The part of a blade that cuts .

The edge of an ax
A razor’s edge
Definition 3:
The sharpness of a blade .

This knife has no edge. [=this knife is not sharp]
Definition 4:
A harsh or unkind quality .

His voice/comments had a sarcastic/sardonic edge.
Definition 5:
Force or effectiveness .

Her writing seem to have lost its edge.
These amendments will blunt the edge of the legislation.
Definition 6:
An advantage over others see also cutting edge leading edge.

Our experience gave us an/the edge.
You need to get/gain an edge on your competition.
The company still has/holds an edge over its competitors.
A competitive edge

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