Tried Exam Given Two Poor Marks

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Definition 1:
To use a set of questions or problems to measure someone’s skills, knowledge, or abilities often + on .

Weekly quizzes will test your understanding of the material.
The students will all be tested again at the end of the school year.
The exam will test you on your understanding of basic grammar rules.
Definition 2:
To examine a part of the body or a substance taken from the body + obj often + for no obj .

The school nurse will be testing students’ hearing next week.
They tested the campers for Lyme disease.
Blood samples from the animals are being tested for the presence of the virus.
Athletes competing in the tournament will be tested for illegal drugs.
The athletes knew that tournament officials would be testing for (the presence of) illegal drugs.
She tested positive/negative for AIDS.
Definition 3:
To examine a small amount of water, soil, air, etc., in order to see if its quality is good, if it contains a dangerous substance, etc. + obj often + for no obj + for .

The water gets tested regularly.
They will test the soil for traces of lead.
They will test for the presence of lead in the soil.
Definition 4:
To use (something) in a planned and usually controlled way in order to see if it works properly see also field-test.

Only one of the vehicles they tested performed well in wet conditions.
Researchers are currently testing (the safety of) the vaccine.
The vaccine has not been tested on humans yet.
We designed a series of experiments to test our hypothesis.
Definition 5:
To show how strong, good, etc., someone or something is in a difficult situation see also time-tested.

The stress is testing the strength of our relationship.
The scandal is testing the country’s faith in its leadership.
Life’s ordeals test us.
You’re testing my patience. [=you are starting to make me annoyed or upset]

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