Traitor News Boss Admired

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Definition 1:
To make a judgment about the quality, ability, or value of (someone or something) often used as (be) rated see also overrate underrate.

On a scale of 1 to 5, I’d rate the book at/a 4.
Judges rated each song according to a number of criteria.
The school is rated above average.
The highest rated [=ranking] radio show
Definition 2:
To be judged as having a particular level of quality, ability, or value .

The car rates as one of the best on the market. [=the car is one of the best on the market]
The movie rates among the worst ever.
The shoes rate high as far as comfort goes, but they’re not very stylish.
Definition 3:
To consider something or someone to be (something) .

The boat is just large enough to be rated a ship.
Based on recent polls, the policy should be rated a failure.
Definition 4:
To officially state that a movie, video game, etc., is appropriate for a specific audience usually used as (be) rated .

The movie is rated G for general audiences.
Definition 5:
To state the normal power or limit of (a machine, engine, etc.) usually used as (be) rated usually + at .

The submarine is rated to withstand tons of pressure.
The engine is rated at 500 horsepower.
An outlet rated at 15 amps
Definition 6:
To deserve (something) because of being important, good, etc. .

The new museum rates a visit. [=the new museum is worth visiting]
I don’t understand why the ceremony didn’t even rate [=merit] a mention in the newspaper. [=I don’t understand why the ceremony wasn’t mentioned in the newspaper]
Definition 7:
To be liked by someone and get special treatment or privileges usually + with .

He really rates with the boss. [=the boss really likes him]
Definition 8:
To think of (someone or something) as being good or of a high quality :like .

I don’t rate their chances (of winning).
They didn’t rate him as a player.

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