Throw For All The Players

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Definition 1:
To throw or move (something) in a forceful way .

cast [=throw, toss] a stone
Seaweed was cast up by the waves.
Definition 2:
To throw (a fishing line, hook, etc.) into the water by using a fishing pole.

Definition 3:
To send or direct (something) in the direction of someone or something .

He cast a glance toward the door. [=he glanced at the door]
The witch cast [=put] a spell on him.
Definition 4:
To send (something) out or forward often used figuratively .

The fire casts [=gives off] a warm glow.
The tree cast a long shadow on the lawn.
The trial casts a harsh light on [=reveals bad things about] the banking industry.
Their argument cast a pall on the party. [=gave the party an unhappy mood]
The incident casts doubt on her honesty.
Definition 5:
To make (a vote) formally .

How many votes were cast?
cast a ballot
Definition 6:
To assign roles for (a play, movie, etc.) to actors .

cast a play
Definition 7:
To assign (an actor or actress) a role in a film, play, etc. see also typecast.

She was cast as a college professor who becomes a spy.
Definition 8:
To shape (a substance) by pouring it into a mold and letting it harden .

The metal was cast into candlesticks.
Molds used for casting steel
Definition 9:
To form (something, such as a sculpture) by casting metal, plaster, etc. .

The statue will be cast in bronze.
Definition 10:
To arrange (something) into parts or into a proper form .

He cast the story in the form of a diary.
Definition 11:
To talk about or think of (someone or something) in a particular way .

The war was cast as a battle against terrorism.
Health care issues are often cast in economic terms.

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