The Sun 2 Speed Crossword No 001421 Answers

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Latest update: The Sun 2 Speed Crossword No 001421 Answers for Monday, February 12, 2024

Across Clues

1 My lovely ornamental moulding
5 Criminal hides large ring in marshy land
8 Husband in greasy spoon for banter
9 Star ego bruised in boxing?
10 Rearranged duet with toad is passé
11 Hose knitted as last product
13 Stock units: lots!
15 Judgement last month on energy
18 Cereal company with sailors
19 Bird over America is famished
22 Disturb GI in a gallery
23 Love to be Popeye’s girl
24 Location in Anstruther exciting
25 Partner’s kid won’t stop dancing?

Down Clues

1 Giant moan heard around docks
2 Criticise Figaro as transparent part
3 Find tale silly and exaggerated
4 European flower festival
5 Little jumper knitted for Greece initially
6 Nonsense writer pens the material
7 Relative, pleasant, receives insurance at last
12 Female writer to abscond with lover
14 Transport service puts Irish in a queue
16 Magnate at last behind Oriental
17 Press to obtain documents?
18 Monitor church paintings
20 Drops moist pants
21 Cameron’s TV channel

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