The Sun 2 Speed Crossword No 001337 Answers

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Latest update: The Sun 2 Speed Crossword No 001337 Answers for Monday, November 20, 2023

Across Clues

1 Saint on set crumpled headwear
5 Royal attendant John having suntan
8 Eel as wriggly arts supporter?
9 Rumblings below after those horrid starters
10 This should get you going
11 Capital punishment?
13 Ignore scruffy area
15 Mashed pea with everything around dish
18 Nonsense in letter from Pope
19 Was jumper found in His Majesty’s loo?
22 Debris seen after plane brought down?
23 Complete, say
24 Where we live, near the centre
25 Endless ale drunk caging bird

Down Clues

1 Excellent principal admits English students
2 Region round Colchester sees desperate times
3 Answer from angry lion to us
4 Local name brings musical back
5 Attack in boxing contest
6 Worn-out banknote and coppers
7 Never breaking bottle
12 Phase out struggling pub
14 Frugal wife aggravated conflict in 1991
16 Largely respect a trainee naval officer
17 Tablet lost in Sussex town
18 Moisten in roasting some lamb as tender
20 Regularly seen up in Dunnet Forest
21 That hurt pet slipping lead

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