Teaching Session

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Definition 1:
An activity that you do in order to learn something .

You can’t go out to play until you’ve finished your lessons.
Definition 2:
Something that is taught .

They studied the lessons [=teachings] of the great philosophers.
Definition 3:
A single class or part of a course of instruction .

The book is divided into 12 lessons.
Lesson 1: Introduction
She took/gave piano lessons for years.
Definition 4:
Something learned through experience see also object lesson.

Political leaders who have failed to learn the lessons of history
I’ve learned my lesson—I’ll never do that again!
We learned our lesson the hard way. [=we learned from an unpleasant experience]
I’m glad they got caught. That will teach them a lesson! [=they will learn that they should not do that again]
Let that be a lesson to you—if you don’t take better care of your toys they’ll get broken!
Definition 5:
A part of the Bible read as part of a church service.

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