Tango And Bolero Composer To Go

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Definition 1:
To go on a trip or journey :to go to a place and especially one that is far away often used figuratively .

The birds are traveling south for the winter.
His job requires him to travel frequently.
She enjoys traveling around Europe.
traveling by bus/car/plane/train
They traveled cross-country from New York to California.
I prefer to travel light. [=to travel with very little baggage]
My mind traveled back to my childhood. [=I began thinking about my childhood]
Definition 2:
To go through or over (a place) during a trip or journey .

They traveled the countryside.
Definition 3:
To move from one place to another .

The car was traveling at a very high (rate of) speed.
The pain traveled down his back.
The way that sound travels in an empty room
Her eyes traveled around the room. [=she looked around the room]
Definition 4:
To go fast .

That car was really traveling when it passed us.
Definition 5:
To be brought from one place to another .

The order/shipment is traveling by plane.
A dish that travels well [=that is easily moved and does not break, make messes, etc.]
Definition 6:
To spread or be passed from one place or person to another .

The news of his death traveled fast.
Definition 7:
To spend time with a particular group or kind of people .

She travels in conservative political circles.
He traveled with a sophisticated crowd.
Definition 8:
To take more steps while holding a basketball than the rules allow .

I saw him travel.
The referee called her for traveling.

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