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Definition 1:
To think that something is true or probably true without knowing that it is true .

I assumed he was coming, so I was surprised when he didn’t show up.
“Is he coming?” “So I assume.” = “I assume so.”
I think we can safely assume that he’s coming. = I think it’s safe to assume that he’s coming.
She assumed from his expression that he was confused.
Let’s assume [=suppose] (that) she rejects your invitation. What will you do then? = Assuming (that) she rejects your invitation, what will you do? [=what will you do if she rejects your invitation?]
We’ll be arriving around noon. That’s assuming that our flight is on time.
The study assumes that the problem develops after birth. [=the study does not consider the possibility that the problem may begin before birth]
Definition 2:
To begin (a role, duty, etc.) as a job or responsibility .

She assumed the presidency. = She assumed the position of president.
assume [=take] office
The king assumed the throne when he was very young.
Definition 3:
To take or begin to have (power, control, etc.) in a job or situation .

He is ready to assume [=take] control of the organization.
Definition 4:
To begin to have (a particular appearance or quality) .

The last game of the season assumes much greater importance now. [=it becomes much more important now]
Their financial problems assumed huge proportions. [=grew to be very serious]
The sky gradually assumed [=took on] an otherworldly glow.
Under certain conditions, the chemical will assume the appearance of ice.
Definition 5:
To make yourself have (an appearance that does not show your true feelings) in order to deceive someone .

She immediately assumed a look of innocence. [=she had an expression on her face that made her look innocent, even though she wasn’t]
Definition 6:
To place yourself in (a particular position or posture) .

She assumed a sitting position [=she sat down] on the floor.
Definition 7:
To accept (a responsibility, debt, etc.) .

When they purchased the company they had to assume [=take on] its debts.
assume liability
The city assumes greater financial risk with that plan.

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