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Definition 1:
Something that is being done, talked about, or thought about often used in an ironic way to refer to a difficult or important situation or problem .

He has a few personal matters to deal with.
Disagreement is one thing, but accusations of lying are a different matter altogether!
Thanks for bringing this matter to our attention. [=for telling us about this problem or issue]
That’s a matter for a jury (to decide).
The schedule is a matter of some concern. [=is something that we are worried about]
It’s no easy/simple matter [=it’s not easy] to find a decent place to live in this city.
This is no joking/laughing matter. = This is a serious matter.
Getting the money to finance a project like this is no small matter. [=is not an easy thing to do]
He wants to buy a new car, but first there’s the little/small matter of getting enough money to pay for it. [=he can’t buy a new car until he has enough money to pay for it]
Definition 2:
The situation or subject that is being discussed or dealt with .

Let’s not allow matters [=things] to get out of control.
She’s an expert in legal/financial/money matters. = (formal) She’s an expert in matters legal/financial.
It’s best not to interfere in matters [=affairs] of the heart.
It didn’t exactly help matters [=it didn’t make the situation better] when he accused her of lying!
He laughed at her and then, to make matters worse, he accused her of lying! [=it made the situation worse when he accused her of lying]
To (further) complicate matters, they both have the same name. = To complicate matters further, they both have the same name. [=the situation is more complicated because they both have the same name]
After months of waiting for something to happen, he decided to take matters into his own hands. [=to do something himself instead of waiting for other people to do something]
Definition 3:
The thing that forms physical objects and occupies space .

Can matter and energy be changed into each other?
Definition 4:
Material of a particular kind see also back matter front matter gray matter subject matter.

Vegetable matter
Organic/waste matter
Printed/reading matter [=books, magazines, newspapers, etc.]
Definition 5:
used to ask if there is a problem or to say that there is or is not a problem often + with .

What’s the matter? [=what’s the problem?; what’s wrong?]
“Is anything the matter?” [=is anything wrong?; is there a problem?] “No, nothing’s the matter.”
Nothing’s the matter with me. I’m fine.
There’s something the matter with the car. [=there’s something wrong with the car; there’s a problem with the car]

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