Storm Centre

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Definition 1:
The part of the body that you see with .

Her eyes slowly became accustomed to the dark.
He wears a patch over one eye.
I have something in my eye.
He has (a pair of) bright blue eyes.
Bright/sad/sleepy eyes
She has good/strong/bad/weak eyes. [=eyesight]
Her eyes lit up [=she looked excited and happy] when he showed her the ring.
His eyes were popping out of his head with astonishment [=he looked very astonished] when he saw how big it was!
He punched him right between the eyes. [=punched him hard in the face]
She looked me (right) in the eye [=she looked directly at me] and told me I was fired.
The garden is a feast for the eyes. [=the garden is very beautiful]
The display was very pleasing to the eye. [=pleasing to look at]
I measured the distance by eye. = I measured the distance with my eye. [=by looking at it to get a rough idea of its size]
Their daughter came home from school with tears in her eyes. [=she was crying]
Seeing her again brought tears to my eyes. = Seeing her again brought a tear to my eye. [=made me shed tears]
He had/kept half an eye on [=he occasionally looked at] the TV while he read the paper.
Definition 2:
An ability to understand and appreciate something seen If you have an eye for something or a good/keen/sharp eye for something, you have a special ability to recognize a particular thing or quality. .

Only a trained eye can tell the difference between the original painting and a good copy.
For decorating, they rely on her discerning/discriminating/expert eye.
He has an artist’s eye for color.
He has a keen eye for detail.
He has a good eye for quality.
Definition 3:
used to describe the way something looks to you .

It looks a little awkward to my eye. [=it looks awkward to me]
Definition 4:
A way of looking at or judging something .

He reviewed the proposal with a jaundiced/critical eye.
The biographer cast a cold/critical/skeptical eye on the artist’s life.
Definition 5:
used to describe where someone is looking .

Her eye was attracted to the bright colors in the painting.
She dropped her eyes [=she looked down] when he looked at her. = Her eyes fell when he looked at her.
He averted his eyes [=he looked away] when she approached him.
I saw something moving out of the corner of my eye. [=to the side of where I was looking]
Her eyes fell on [=she noticed] a piece of evidence no one had noticed before.
All eyes were on her [=everyone was looking at her] as she entered the room.
She fixed her eyes on me [=she kept looking or staring at me] for a long time before answering.
Definition 6:
A way of looking at or thinking about something often plural .

We need to look at this problem with a fresh eye. [=to look at the problem in a new way]
Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. [=different people have different ideas about what is beautiful]
He was guilty in the eyes of the police. [=the police considered him guilty]
He was handsome in her eyes. [=she thought he was handsome]
In the eyes [=opinion] of many, he is the best person for the job.
Definition 7:
The hole through the top of a needle .

The eye of a needle
Definition 8:
A loop that a hook fits into to fasten or attach something.

Definition 9:
An area on a potato from which a new plant can grow :a bud on a potato.

Definition 10:
The center of a storm (such as a hurricane) where there is little wind or rain and sometimes there is clear sky .

The eye of the storm should reach the coast by morning.

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