Stopped Recording Facility Being Installed

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Definition 1:
To stop happening :to end see also cease and desist order.

The fighting along the border has temporarily ceased.
The conversation abruptly ceased. [=halted]
The noise ceased [=stopped] altogether.
When the weary cease from their labors [=when people who are very tired stop working]
The company was ordered by the court to cease and desist from selling the photographs. [=was ordered to immediately stop selling the photographs]
Definition 2:
To stop doing (something) often followed by to + verb see also cease-fire.

The factory ceased operations last year.
The child would not cease his constant whining/complaining.
The soldiers were ordered to cease fire. [=to stop shooting their weapons]
The program would cease to exist without private funding.
He had long ceased to have any regrets.
Her courage never ceases to amaze me. [=I am always amazed by her courage]

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