Stop Heading For Takeaways?

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Definition 1:
The food that a person or animal usually eats count often + of noncount .

Diets that are rich in fruits and vegetables have been shown to help prevent disease.
A balanced diet
Many birds live on a diet of insects.
Studying the association between diet and disease
Definition 2:
The kind and amount of food that a person eats for a certain reason (such as to improve health or to lose weight) noncount count .

She lost a lot of weight through diet and exercise.
A low-fat diet
A liquid diet
He’s on a diet. [=he is eating less food or only particular kinds of food in order to lose weight]
He went on a diet and lost 30 pounds in six months.
Definition 3:
Something that is provided or experienced repeatedly + of .

We’ve been given a steady diet of political scandals in recent months.

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