Spock’s Forte

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Definition 1:
A proper or reasonable way of thinking about or understanding something noncount singular .

If you just use a little logic, you’ll see I’m right.
The rules of logic
There’s no logic in/to your reasoning.
I can’t see the logic in always worrying about the future. = Where’s the logic in always worrying about the future?
There’s some logic to/in what he says.
She kept the dog, against all logic, after it attacked her. [=her decision to keep the dog was not logical/sensible]
Her decision defies logic. [=her decision makes no sense; her decision is not logical]
There’s a certain logic in/to what he says.
Definition 2:
A particular way of thinking about something .

I could not understand her logic in keeping the dog. [=I could not understand her reason for keeping the dog]
I fail to see your logic. = I fail to see the logic behind/of your reasoning.
Faulty logic
Definition 3:
The science that studies the formal processes used in thinking and reasoning see also fuzzy logic.

A professor of logic
Definition 4:
The way facts or events follow or relate to each other .

The revolution proceeded according to its own logic.
The logic of the situation
Definition 5:
The arrangement of circuits in a computer.

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