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Definition 1:
A person or way of behaving that is seen as a model that should be followed count noncount .

He was inspired by the example of his older brother. [=he wanted to do what his older brother did]
You should try to follow her example. [=try to do as she does]
Let that be an example to you! [=let that show you what you should or should not do]
He set a good/bad example for the rest of us.
It’s up to you to set an example. [=to behave in a way that shows other people how to behave]
She chooses to lead by example. [=to lead by behaving in a way that shows others how to behave]
Definition 2:
Someone or something that is mentioned to help explain what you are saying or to show that a general statement is true .

She gave/offered several examples to show that the program is effective.
Definition 3:
Something or someone chosen from a group in order to show what the whole group is like .

We’ve chosen three examples of contemporary architecture for closer study.
A classic example of a Persian rug
A fine/prime example of the artist’s work
Definition 4:
A phrase or sentence that shows how a word is used .

The dictionary includes thousands of examples.
Definition 5:
Something (such as a problem that a student has to solve) that is used to teach how a rule or process works .

Arithmetic examples

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