Some Make Enemies Eager

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Definition 1:
Having or showing an ability to think clearly and to understand what is not obvious or simple about something .

A keen intellect/intelligence/mind
She’s a very keen observer of the political world.
She made some keen [=acute] observations.
A keen wit
Definition 2:
Very strong and sensitive :highly developed .

The dog has a keen sense of smell. = The dog has a keen nose.
keen [=acute] eyesight/hearing
She had a keen awareness of what was happening. [=she knew exactly what was happening]
She has a keen ear for languages. [=she is able to easily learn and understand languages]
He has a keen eye for details. [=he is good at noticing details]
Definition 3:
Very excited about and interested in something .

She’s a keen tennis player. = She’s keen about tennis.
He’s a keen student of art history. = He has a keen interest in art history.
Definition 4:
Feeling a strong and impatient desire to do something .

He is keen [=eager] to learn more about art history.
Definition 5:
Strong or intense .

After his death, she felt a keen [=profound] sense of loss.
The two firms are in keen competition.
(chiefly Brit) a keen wind
Definition 6:
Very good :wonderful This sense is now usually used in a playful or ironic way. see also peachy keen.

Gee, that’s keen.
Definition 7:
Having a sharp edge or point .

A keen knife/sword
Definition 8:
Very low .

They sell reliable products at very keen prices.

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