Some Jam On Going Between

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Definition 1:
In or through (a group of people or things) .

The disease spread quickly among the members of the community.
The house is nestled among the trees.
The ball was hidden among the leaves.
There were ducks among the geese.
There were several hecklers scattered among the crowd.
Definition 2:
In the presence of (a group of people) When people do something among themselves, they do it as a group without involving others. .

The leader was standing among [=amidst] his supporters.
She enjoys spending time at home among [=with] family and friends.
He lived among artists and writers.
The people of the town were frightened to think that a killer might be living among them.
Relax. You’re among friends here. [=the people here are your friends]
The brothers are always quarreling among themselves. [=are always quarreling with each other]
They were unable to agree among themselves.
We were joking among ourselves.
Definition 3:
used to talk about the opinions, feelings, etc., of a group of people .

There is much unhappiness among voters. [=many voters are unhappy]
Attitudes that are common among older people [=attitudes that many older people have]
There is debate among researchers about the causes of this disease.
A TV show that is popular among young women
He is known among his colleagues as a reliable worker.
Definition 4:
used to indicate the group of people or things involved in or affected by something .

The new policy has led to increased competition among local businesses.
There has been a high rate of illness among the children in this community.
No one among them expected to survive.
Definition 5:
used to say that a person or thing is part of a larger group .

He is among her greatest admirers. [=he is one of her greatest admirers]
He can be counted among the greatest players in the game’s history.
Among his good qualities is honesty.
He has many good qualities. Chief among them is his honesty.
Among other things she was president of her college class.
She met with the company’s president and vice president, among others.
Definition 6:
used to indicate the group of people or things being considered, compared, etc. .

They compared several new cars but found few differences among them.
We were allowed to choose (from) among several options.
Definition 7:
In shares to each of (a group of people) .

The property was divided equally among the four survivors. [=each of the four survivors received an equal share of the property]
The food was distributed among the people.
Definition 8:
used to describe someone who is unusual or excellent in some way .

He is an actor among actors. [=he is a great actor]
He was a giant among men. [=he was very famous, powerful, successful, etc.]

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