Some Drinks Here And There

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Definition 1:
In a circle .

The wheel went/turned around (and around).
We kept going around [=(chiefly Brit) round] in circles without getting anywhere.
Definition 2:
In, along, or through a curving path .

The road goes around [=(chiefly Brit) round] by the lake.
Don’t take the long way around: I know a shortcut.
Definition 3:
used to indicate a measurement that is made along the outer surface of something circular .

“How big around is the tree?” “It’s five feet around.” [=(chiefly Brit) round] [=the circumference of the tree is five feet]
Definition 4:
used to indicate that a number, amount, time, etc., is not exact or certain .

The price of dinner was around [=(chiefly US) about] $50.
It lasted around [=(chiefly US) about] a century.
The repair should cost around [=approximately, roughly] $200.
We should leave in around 10 minutes.
We got home at around 8 o’clock. = (US) We got home around about 8 o’clock. [=it was approximately 8 o’clock when we got home]
Definition 5:
In close from all sides so as to surround someone or something .

People crowded around [=(chiefly Brit) round] to hear her.
Definition 6:
In many different directions .

They wandered around [=(chiefly Brit) about] for several hours.
He entered the room and looked around.
Definition 7:
In or to many different places .

People were standing around [=(chiefly Brit) about], talking quietly in small groups.
His tools were scattered around [=(chiefly Brit) about] carelessly.
She travels around [=(chiefly Brit) about] on business quite a lot.
This is a very interesting town: let me show you around.
Definition 8:
In or near a particular area or place .

We went to the store, but there was no one around. [=there was no one there; (chiefly Brit) there was no one about]
Let’s wait/stay/stick around awhile.
I’m not sure where it is, but it must be around somewhere.
It’s safer when there are other people around.
I’d like to speak to him if he’s around.
So long, then! (I’ll) See you around! [=I’ll see you later]
Definition 9:
To a particular place .

Why don’t you come around (to my house) for dinner?
Definition 10:
In the opposite direction .

She turned (completely) around. [=(less commonly) about, (chiefly Brit) round]
Definition 11:
used with some verbs to indicate repeated or continued action or behavior that does not have a clear or definite purpose .

He’s always joking around when he should be serious.
Don’t play/fool around with your food like that!
I was just standing around, waiting for the train to arrive.
Definition 12:
used to describe something that returns in a regular or repeated way .

Winter has come around [=(chiefly Brit) round] again.
Definition 13:
used to describe how two things are arranged or ordered .

You put the fork on the left and the knife on the right. They should be the other way around. [=(chiefly Brit) round] [=the fork should be on the right and the knife on the left]
You’ve got them the wrong way around. [=(chiefly Brit) round]

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