Short Distance Going Through Waste Pipe

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Definition 1:
A movement made by lifting your foot and putting it down in a different place .

Counting our steps
She took one step forward/backward.
The baby took her first steps today.
He had to retrace his steps [=go back along the way he had come] to find his keys.
Definition 2:
The sound of a foot making a step :footstep .

I heard steps on the stairs.
Definition 3:
The distance covered in one step .

The edge of the cliff was only about three steps to my left.
Definition 4:
A short distance .

The cottage is just steps from the beach.
Definition 5:
A mark left by a foot or shoe :footprint .

steps in the sand
Definition 6:
The way that someone walks see also goose step lockstep.

He walks with a spring in his step.
She walked down the hall with a quick/light step.
Definition 7:
One of a series of actions that are done to achieve something .

A major/important step towards independence
We are taking steps to correct the situation.
The court’s decision is a step backward/forward for the reform movement. [=it is something that will hurt/help the reform movement]
Exercise won’t solve all your health problems, but it’s a step in the right direction. [=it will improve your health]
They’re taking baby steps. [=they’re doing minor things that produce only a small amount of progress toward achieving something]
Definition 8:
A stage in a process .

We’re in the first/intermediate/last steps of the negotations.
She’s one step nearer/closer to graduation.
I want to take it a step further. [=I want to move to the next stage in the process]
He was criticized at every step. = He was criticized every step of the way.
We’ll guide you through the process step by step.
Let’s take this one step at a time.
Definition 9:
A level or rank in a scale .

A step above/below average
A step beyond what was expected
The new job is a step up/down for her. [=the new job is more/less important, challenging, etc., than the job she had before]
Definition 10:
The flat piece of wood, stone, etc., that forms one of the levels of a staircase see picture at house see also doorstep.

They sat on the steps in front of the house.
The top step [=stair] squeaks when you step on it.
Definition 11:
A movement or pattern of movements made by someone who is dancing .

A ballet step
Dance steps
Definition 12:
The distance from one tone of a musical scale to the next count noncount see also half step whole step.

The melody moves up/down a step.
The melody moves upward by step [=in a series of steps] from D to C.
Definition 13:
A piece of exercise equipment consisting of a small platform that you use by stepping on and off it see also step aerobics.

Working out with a step can be very rigorous.
Definition 14:

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