Sharp Pain

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Definition 1:
To hurt (someone) by piercing the skin with a sharp, pointed part that usually contains poison + obj no obj .

I got stung by a bee.
The jellyfish stung the swimmer.
The bees will sting if you bother them.
Definition 2:
To cause a quick, sharp pain no obj + obj .

The iodine will sting for a few minutes.
The cold rain stung my eyes.
Definition 3:
To feel a quick sharp pain .

The smoke made our eyes sting.
Definition 4:
To cause (someone) to feel emotional or mental pain + obj no obj .

She was stung by their harsh criticism.
His words stung her.
Your comment stung.
Definition 5:
To treat (someone) unfairly in a business deal usually used as (be/get) stung .

He got stung on that deal.

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