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Definition 1:
A type or kind of something .

Coal is a form of carbon.
A rare/deadly form of cancer
A popular form of entertainment
Different forms of life = different life forms [=different types of living beings]
An ancient form of music
An art form
Definition 2:
One of several or many different ways in which something is seen, experienced, or produced .

The medicine can be taken in the form of a liquid or pill. = The medicine can be taken in pill or liquid form.
His essays are now available in book form. [=his essays have been published in a book]
The written/spoken form of the language
Antisocial behavior can take many forms. [=there are many different types of antisocial behavior]
Most of his wealth is in the form of stocks. [=most of his wealth consists of stocks]
Definition 3:
The shape of something count noncount .

The building’s massive form
A style of architecture that emphasizes form over function
Definition 4:
Something that can be seen only as a shape or outline .

The shadowy forms of several people were visible through the smoke.
Definition 5:
Bodily shape :figure .

The human/female form
Definition 6:
A document with blank spaces for filling in information .

A tax form
An application form
Fill out a form
Definition 7:
A way of behaving that is judged as proper or improper .

It’s considered bad/poor form to arrive so early. = It’s not considered good form to arrive so early. [=it is not proper to arrive so early]
Definition 8:
A manner or style of performing .

An athlete with good form
She would be a better swimmer/golfer if she improved her form.
Definition 9:
Condition for performing .

An athlete in top form [=shape]
Definition 10:
used to describe how well or badly someone is performing .

She was really in great form at the party, telling jokes and dancing.
He was at the top of his form. [=he was performing extremely well]
(chiefly Brit) He’s been playing poorly in recent months, but now he’s back on form. [=now he’s playing well again]
(chiefly Brit) She was a little off form.
Definition 11:
The way in which the parts of a piece of writing or music or of a work of art are arranged noncount count .

The form and content of a poem/essay
The sonnet is a poetical form.
Symphonic forms
Definition 12:
Any one of the different ways in which a word may be written or spoken see also combining form.

The plural/possessive form of a noun
The inflected forms of a verb
Definition 13:
A grade in a British secondary school or in some American private schools .

Students in the sixth form

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