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Definition 1:
Very serious or dangerous :requiring serious attention or action .

An acute [=critical, severe] fuel shortage
An acute crisis
The acute phase [=the most important and dangerous phase] of the struggle for independence
Definition 2:
Having or showing an ability to think clearly and to understand what is not obvious or simple about something .

An acute observation/understanding
An acute observer
An acute sense of humor
It’s a politically acute film that does not oversimplify the issues.
Definition 3:
Very strong and sensitive :highly developed .

acute [=keen] hearing/vision
acute awareness
Definition 4:
Strongly felt or experienced .

acute distress/embarrassment
Definition 5:
Very sharp and severe .

acute pain/infection
acute symptoms
Definition 6:
Becoming very severe very quickly A hospital or doctor who specializes in acute care works with patients who have diseases or problems that require immediate care. compare chronic.

An acute disease
An acute care hospital
Definition 7:
Ending in a sharp point :measuring less than 90 degrees compare obtuse.

An acute angle
Definition 8:
Having the form ´ compare grave 3.

The word “café” is written with an acute accent over the “e.”

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