Second Son In Cambridge Colleges Area

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Definition 1:
The rear part of the body :the part of the body that is opposite to the stomach and chest and that goes from the neck to the top of the legs see picture at human.

She was carrying her little daughter on her back.
He injured his back. = He suffered a back injury.
She has a pain in the small of her back.
An aching back
I slapped/patted him on his/the back to congratulate him.
He broke his back [=spine] in a fall.
She stabbed/shot him in the back.
He was handcuffed with his hands behind his back.
Definition 2:
The part of an animal that is like a person’s back see also horseback.

A bird with a spotted back
Riding on the back of a horse/donkey/camel
Definition 3:
The side or surface of something that is opposite the front or face :the rear side or surface of something usually singular .

The back of the head
The back of a mirror/spoon
The back of the hand/leg/foot
The book has fallen down the back of the couch.
Definition 4:
The side or surface of something (such as a piece of paper) that is not usually used or seen first usually singular .

She wrote something on the back of an envelope.
He signed his name on the back of the check.
Definition 5:
A place, position, or area that is at or near the rear of something usually singular .

He put the letter in the back of the drawer.
The kitchen is at/in the back of the house and the living room is at/in the front.
Since our plane was leaving soon we were moved to the front of the line while others remained at the back.
Please move to the back of the elevator to make room for others.
Definition 6:
The part of a chair or seat that supports a person’s back .

A comfortable chair with a padded back
Definition 7:
The section of a book, magazine, etc., that includes the last pages usually singular .

There is an index in the back of the book.
Definition 8:
The part of a book’s cover that can be seen when the book is on a shelf .

The title of the book is shown on its back. [=spine]
Definition 9:
A player in some games (such as soccer and American football) who is positioned behind the front line of players see also fullback halfback quarterback running back.

A defensive back

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