Saint Moved Tree In Road

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Definition 1:
A road in a city or town that has houses or other buildings on one or both sides often used in names sometimes used figuratively see also easy street fleet street high street main street wall street.

They live on a busy/residential street.
A deserted street
A dead-end/one-way street
You should look both ways before crossing the street.
Trash littered the streets.
The police car cruised up/down the street.
People don’t feel safe walking the streets (of the city) at night. [=don’t feel safe walking outside in the city at night]
Our neighbor down the street [=our neighbor who lives farther down on our street]
They live across the street (from us). [=they live across from us on the other side of the street]
Many of our customers walk in off the street without having heard of us before.
Angry citizens took to the streets [=went outside on the streets] to protest the war.
He lost his job and eventually was living on the street(s). [=was homeless]
The store is at 84th Street and 35th Avenue.
My address is 156 Elm Street.
Word on the street is that the company is going out of business. [=people are saying that the company is going out of business]
Definition 2:
A poor part of a city where there is a lot of crime usually plural .

He is from the streets.
The raw language of the streets

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