Rugged Nun Excited About Eve

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Definition 1:
Not even: such as.

Definition 2:
Not level, flat, or smooth .

Large uneven teeth
uneven handwriting
An uneven surface/texture
Definition 3:
Not straight or parallel .

uneven edges
Definition 4:
Not following a regular pattern :not the same in all parts or at all times :irregular .

uneven heating/drying
His breathing was shallow and uneven.
You should check your car’s tires often for signs of uneven wear.
Definition 5:
Better in some parts than in others :not consistently good .

An uneven performance
Definition 6:
Unequal or unfair :giving an advantage to one side or group .

An uneven distribution of wealth/resources
Definition 7:
More likely to be won easily by one side than the other :having competitors with an unequal chance of winning .

An uneven match
Definition 8:
odd 5a .

We have an uneven number of players, so we’ll have to rotate.

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