Relaxed Solo Played With Echo

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Definition 1:
Not tightly fastened, attached, or held .

A loose tooth
A loose thread
Some of the shingles on the roof were loose.
The rope was tied in a loose knot.
The nails had been pried loose.
Some of the shingles had come/worked loose.
The boat came loose from its moorings and floated out into the harbor.
The ball popped loose from the shortstop’s glove.
Definition 2:
Not pulled or stretched tight .

A loose belt
loose reins on a horse
loose skin
Definition 3:
Not fitting close to your body :not tight .

She was wearing a loose dress/skirt.
A loose [=baggy] sweater
Definition 4:
Not physically held or contained see also let loose 1 (below).

The dog was wandering loose in the streets.
The lion had somehow gotten/broken loose [=free] from its cage.
Definition 5:
Not held together in a solid or tight mass .

loose dirt
loose rocks
loose sandy soil
Definition 6:
Not held together in a bundle, container, etc. .

loose sheets of pages
Loose hairs stuck out from under his cap.
She let her hair hang down loose.
You can buy a bag of potatoes or some loose potatoes.
Definition 7:
Not stiff or tense :flexible or relaxed see also hang loose (below).

He walked with a loose stride.
loose muscles
I never relaxed that day; I just couldn’t get loose.
Runners should warm up for a few minutes to get loose.
I tried to stay loose during the game, but I was too nervous.
Definition 8:
Not closely joined or united .

Ten advocacy groups from all parts of the country formed a loose alliance/association/coalition to present their shared interests to Congress.
Definition 9:
Not exact or precise .

A very loose translation
A loose interpretation of the law
This book is only a novel in the loose sense of the word. [=the word “novel” does not usually refer to a book like this; many people would not consider the book a novel]
Definition 10:
Not careful in speech :talking too freely .

Loose [=careless] talk spread the rumor.
She has a loose tongue. [=she talks too much about things that are private, secret, etc.]
Definition 11:
Not controlled or held by any of the players in a game .

A loose ball/puck
Definition 12:
Not respectable sexually :not decent or moral .

He was accused of loose conduct/behavior.
A loose woman
loose morals
Definition 13:
Containing a larger than normal amount of fluid .

loose stools
Definition 14:
Producing loose stools .

loose bowels
loose bowel movements

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