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Definition 1:
To do something again and again in order to become better at it no obj + obj .

To be a good musician, you have to practice a lot.
Have you been practicing your lines for the play?
She had to practice flying in various weather conditions before she could get her pilot’s license.
Definition 2:
To do (something) regularly or constantly as an ordinary part of your life .

He practices yoga daily.
The monks practice celibacy.
Grandmother taught us to practice good manners.
Practice what you preach—don’t smoke if you tell your children not to smoke.
Definition 3:
To live according to the customs and teachings of (a religion) .

Their family practices Buddhism.
A practicing Catholic
Definition 4:
To have a professional medical or legal business + obj no obj .

My cousin plans to practice medicine/law/dentistry. [=plans to be a doctor/lawyer/dentist]
There are thousands of lawyers practicing in this city.
A practicing physician

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