Receive In Will

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Definition 1:
To receive (money, property, etc.) from someone when that person dies compare disinherit.

She inherited the family business from her father.
Definition 2:
To have (a characteristic, disease, etc.) because of the genes that you get from your parents when you are born .

Baldness is inherited from the mother’s side of the family.
She inherited her father’s deep blue eyes.
Definition 3:
To get (a personal quality, interest, etc.) because of the influence or example of your parents or other relatives .

She inherited a love of baseball/cooking from her dad.
Definition 4:
To receive (something) from someone who had it previously .

When my brother left for college, I inherited his old computer.
Definition 5:
To have to deal with (a situation, problem, etc.) when you take a job or position that someone else had before you .

The company’s new president will inherit some complicated legal problems.
When the coach quit, her assistant inherited a last-place team.

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