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Definition 1:
A small object produced by a plant from which a new plant can grow count noncount see color picture on page C5.

A packet of sunflower seeds
He planted/sowed the seeds three inches apart.
(US) apple/orange seeds [=(Brit) pips]
She raked the grass seed into the soil.
She grows her plants from seed. [=by planting seeds rather than by some other method]
Definition 2:
The beginning of something which continues to develop or grow .

Her comment planted/sowed a seed of doubt in his mind. [=caused him to begin to have doubts]
The government’s policies planted/sowed the seeds of war/destruction. [=created a situation that led to war/destruction]
Definition 3:
A player or team that is ranked as one of the best in a competition (such as a tennis tournament) in order to be sure that the best players or teams do not play against each other in the early part of the competition .

The top seed won the tournament.
Our team is the number one seed.
She is ranked as the third seed.
Definition 4:
All the children, grandchildren, etc., of a particular man .

The seed of Abraham
Definition 5:
A man’s semen .

A man spreading his seed [=fathering many children]

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