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Definition 1:
A movable piece of wood, glass, or metal that swings or slides open and shut so that people can enter or leave a room, building, vehicle, etc. see also back door dutch door french door revolving door storm door trapdoor.

Open/shut/slam/lock/bolt the door
I heard a knock on/at the door.
The bedroom/bathroom/cellar door
The car has four doors. = It’s a four-door car.
Leave the package at the front/back/side door. [=the door at the front/back/side of the house, building, etc.]
Can you answer the door? [=open the door to see who is knocking on the door or ringing the doorbell]
Is somebody at the door? [=knocking on the door or ringing the doorbell]
Let me open the door for you. = (US) Let me get the door for you.
(US) Can you get the door? [=can you open or close the door for me?] My hands are full.
An exterior/outside door [=a door that can be used to enter or leave a building]
An interior door [=a door inside a building; a door that connects rooms]
A garage door [=a large door that covers the opening through which a car enters and leaves a garage]
Turn/pull the door handle
A large brass door knocker [=knocker]
Definition 2:
A part of an object (such as piece of furniture or an appliance) that swings or slides open and shut .

The cupboard/closet/refrigerator/oven door
Definition 3:
The opening for a door :the entrance to a room or building :doorway .

Please don’t block the door.
I peeked through the open door.
He stood at/before the door.
He greeted his guests as they came in/through the door. = He greeted his guests at the door.
She walked out the door [=left] without saying goodbye.
Standing (just/right) inside/outside the door [=inside/outside the room, building, etc., near the door]
Definition 4:
A house, building, apartment, office, etc. used with an adverb to indicate where something is in relation to something else If you do something (from) door to door, you do it at each of the houses, apartments, or buildings in an area. see also door-to-door next door.

She lives in a house two doors down/up from me. [=there is one house between our houses]
The library is a few doors down from the bank. [=there are several buildings between the library and the bank]
We grew up two doors apart. [=with one house/apartment between our houses/apartments]
Girl Scouts are selling cookies door to door. = Girl Scouts are going door to door selling cookies.
She went (from) door to door looking for her cat.
Definition 5:
used especially with open or unlock to describe an opportunity or possibility see also out of doors.

The grant will open new doors for our town. [=will give our town new opportunities]
The discovery may unlock the door to a cure for the disease.
The door is open (to you) if you want a better job.
A good education can open/unlock the door of success. [=can make success possible]
The patent on the product has expired, which leaves the door open for [=makes it possible for] other companies to make it.

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