Poisonous Sort Given Shocking Treatment Shows Face

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Definition 1:
A part of something usually + of .

Our proposal differs from theirs in one important aspect. [=respect]
Their religion affects almost/nearly/virtually every aspect [=facet] of their lives.
Eating healthy foods is only/just one aspect [=part] of a healthy lifestyle.
Nobody has discussed the most important aspect of the problem.
Computers now influence all aspects of American life.
Definition 2:
The way a person, place, or thing appears singular noncount .

The old house took on a dark and lonely aspect [=appearance] at night.
Their gods are primarily human in aspect. [=they look like humans]
Definition 3:
The direction that something (such as a room or building) faces or points towards sometimes used figuratively .

The house has a southern aspect. [=a southern exposure; the front of the house faces the south]
We studied the situation from every aspect. [=angle]
Definition 4:
The characteristic of a verb that expresses the way an action happens A verb’s aspect shows whether an action happens one time and stops quickly, happens repeatedly, or happens continuously. count noncount .

The aspect of “sit” in “please sit down now” is different from the aspect of “sitting” in “I was sitting at my desk.”
Two verb forms differing in aspect

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