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Definition 1:
To take money or property from (a person or a place) illegally and sometimes by using force, violence, or threats often + of sometimes used figuratively .

Someone tried to rob me.
They robbed the bank.
The cashier was robbed at gunpoint.
They robbed her of her life savings.
He was robbed of all his money.
You paid $300 to fix that old car? You got robbed. [=you were overcharged; you spent too much]
Definition 2:
To keep (someone) from getting something expected or wanted often + of .

He made a great shot, but the goalie robbed him. [=the goalie blocked his shot and prevented him from scoring a goal]
The other team robbed them of a victory by getting a last-minute goal.
The center fielder made a great catch to rob him of a home run.
Her illness robbed her of a normal childhood. [=she wasn’t able to have a normal childhood because of her illness]

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