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Definition 1:
A piece of paper, cloth, or similar material that is attached to something to identify or describe it .

The name is prominently displayed on the label.
You should read the warning label before you take any medicine.
(US) a mailing label [=a piece of paper with a mailing address already printed on it]
Definition 2:
A word or phrase that describes or identifies something or someone .

The word was given the label “obsolete.”
Some people describe him as “selfish,” but he doesn’t deserve that label.
Once you give people labels, it’s hard to see them as individuals.
Definition 3:
A company that produces musical recordings .

A major/independent record label
The band has made records for/on/with several different labels in their career.
Definition 4:
A name shown on clothes that indicates the store, company, or person who sold, produced, or designed the clothes .

A designer label
She always wears designer label jeans.

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