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Definition 1:
A picture that is produced by a camera, artist, mirror, etc. see also mirror image.

She studied her image in the mirror.
The kids sat staring at the images on the TV screen.
Painters capturing images of war
Black-and-white images of the city
Definition 2:
A mental picture :the thought of how something looks or might look .

I can’t get the image (of the accident) out of my mind.
When you told the story I got this image (in my mind) of you as a child.
His poem evokes images of the sea and warm summer days.
Definition 3:
The idea that people have about someone or something count noncount .

She is worried about what motherhood will do to her image [=reputation] as a rock star.
He is trying hard to improve/protect his image.
The law suit has negatively affected the company’s public image.
A tarnished corporate image
A politician who cares more about image than about telling the truth
Definition 4:
The form or appearance of someone or something .

“…God created man in his own image…” Genesis 1:27 (KJV)
Definition 5:
Someone who looks very much like another person see also spitting image.

He’s the (very/living) image of his father. [=he looks like his father]
Definition 6:
Someone who looks very much like a certain kind of person .

She was the (very) image of a successful businesswoman.
Definition 7:
An interesting or memorable way of showing or describing something in a book, movie, etc. .

The book contains many striking/startling images.
Definition 8:
A statue or picture that is made to look like a person or thing see also graven image.

Her image still hangs on their living room wall.
Images carved in stone
Religious images

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