Patella Region

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Definition 1:
The joint that bends at the middle of your leg see picture at human.

I fell down and hurt my knee.
She suffered a serious knee injury.
His knees trembled/shook with fear.
She dropped/fell/sank to her knees [=she knelt down] and begged for forgiveness. = She got down on her knees and begged for forgiveness.
He got/went down on one knee and proposed to her.
If you want to clean the floor properly, you have to get down on your (hands and) knees [=you have to kneel down on the floor] and start scrubbing.
Definition 2:
The upper part of your leg when you are sitting .

His little granddaughter sat on his knee.
Definition 3:
The part that covers the knee on a pair of pants .

Her jeans had holes at the knees.
Definition 4:
A forceful hit with a bent knee .

She gave him a knee to the stomach. [=she kneed him in the stomach]

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