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Definition 1:
A hard-shelled oval thing from which a young bird is born .

The egg will hatch about 10 days after it is laid.
Definition 2:
An oval or round thing from which a snake, frog, insect, etc., is born.

Definition 3:
The egg of a bird (especially a chicken) eaten as food count noncount .

Poached/fried/boiled eggs
Hard-boiled/soft-boiled eggs
The smell of rotten eggs
(US) scrambled eggs
I bought a carton of eggs.
(US) They served us bacon and eggs for breakfast. = (Brit) They served us eggs and bacon for breakfast.
An Easter egg [=an egg that is specially decorated at Easter]
(Brit) scrambled egg
A batter made from flour and egg
egg white(s)/yolk
Definition 4:
A cell that is produced by the female sexual organs and that combines with the male’s sperm in reproduction called also ovum.

The egg is fertilized by the sperm.
Definition 5:
Something that is shaped like a bird’s egg .

A chocolate egg

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