Other Ugly Traits Initially Seen In Bloom

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Definition 1:
In a direction away from the inside or center of something .

He went out to the garden.
He looked out at the snow.
She poured the tea out.
The girl stuck her tongue out.
His shirttail was hanging out.
He pulled out the cork (from the bottle).
I heard a noise in the bushes and out jumped a cat!
Definition 2:
In or to a place outside of something (such as a building, room, etc.) .

He waited out in the hall.
I cleaned my car inside and out.
A car pulled up and two men got out.
She is out [=outside] playing with her friends.
She took the dog out [=outdoors] for a walk.
He grabbed his coat and out he went.
It is raining/sunny out today.
Definition 3:
Away from home or work .

They went out on a date.
We dine out once a week.
We went out for/to lunch.
Are you going to ask her out? [=ask her to go on a date with you]
Definition 4:
Away from a place .

They flew out yesterday.
Did you ship out the packages yet?
The house is out in the country.
I was just on my way out [=I was just leaving] when the phone rang.
Definition 5:
Away from the shore .

The ship sailed out to sea.
The tide is going out.
They rowed out to the ship.
She swam about 100 yards out.
Definition 6:
used to indicate that something is not in the usual or proper place .

You left out a comma here.
She threw out her shoulder.
He knocked a tooth out.
Definition 7:
From among a group of things .

She picked out a shirt to wear.
Definition 8:
In or into the control or possession of another person .

She is always willing to lend out money to friends.
The library book I want is still out. [=someone else has borrowed the library book]
Please don’t let my secret out. [=don’t tell anyone my secret]
They passed out free samples.
Definition 9:
To a state in which something has been used or removed completely .

Their food supply ran out.
I couldn’t get the stain out. [=I could not remove the stain]
Definition 10:
To a state in which something is completed .

Please fill out this form.
She worked out the math problem by herself.
Definition 11:
In the position of someone who is not involved or participating in something .

Count me out. [=do not include me in your plans]
“Do you want to dance?” “Sorry, but I think I’d better sit this one out.”
“Do you want to go shopping?” “No, I’m out.” [=I don’t want to go]
Definition 12:
In the position of someone who is no longer in a political office or job .

They voted him out by an overwhelming margin.
Some people want the President out.
Definition 13:
To the full or a great extent .

He was all decked out in a new suit.
She stretched out on the couch.
The horse was tired out.
Definition 14:
In a way that can be clearly heard or understood .

He spoke out against the proposed tax.
She read out [=aloud] the names on the list.
He cried out in pain.
Definition 15:
No longer batting or on a base because of a play made by the other team .

He threw/tagged the runner out.
She flied/grounded out.
It’s the bottom of the ninth inning with two men out.
The runner/batter was (called) out.
Definition 16:
No longer operating, burning, etc. .

The electricity/fire is out.
He landed the plane with one engine out.
The wind blew the candle out.
Definition 17:
At an end .

We should be finished before the day is out. [=done]
Definition 18:
No longer in fashion .

That style of dress is definitely out.
Definition 19:
Trying to achieve or do something see also out for blood at blood.

He was out to [=determined to] get revenge. = He was out for revenge.
She was out for a good time. [=she wanted to have a good time]
Definition 20:
Available to the public .

The band’s new CD is not out yet.
Definition 21:
Not possible :not to be considered .

That choice was out as far as we were concerned.
Definition 22:
Able to be seen .

The sun is out.
There is a full moon out tonight.
The roses are not out [=blooming] yet.
Definition 23:
In or into a state of being asleep or unconscious see also out for the count at count.

He was out as soon as his head hit the pillow.
She was out cold.
Definition 24:
Not correct .

She was out [=off] in her calculations by $25.
Definition 25:
Having less than an earlier amount .

He went gambling and was $100 out at the end of the night. = He was out $100 at the end of the night.
Definition 26:
No longer in jail or prison .

He will be out (of prison) in two months.
Definition 27:
Known publicly as a homosexual .

He’s been out for a long time now.
Definition 28:
Not in the area in which a game is played :out-of-bounds .

Her last serve was out.
Definition 29:
used to indicate that a radio message is complete and no reply is expected .

Message received, Mission Control. Over and out.

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