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Definition 1:
To move backward and forward or from side to side while hanging from something no obj + obj .

The sheets swung on the clothesline.
The clock’s pendulum stopped swinging.
She sat on the edge of the table, swinging her legs.
She swung the bag by the handle. [=she held the handle of the bag and made the bag swing]
Definition 2:
To move with a smooth, curving motion no obj + obj .

The monkeys were swinging from branch to branch high up in the trees.
The door swung open/shut.
He swung himself (up) into the truck.
I swung my suitcase into the backseat of the car.
She sat on the counter and swung her legs over to the other side.
She swung the door open.
Definition 3:
To move (your arm, a tool, etc.) with a quick, curving motion especially to try to hit something + obj no obj .

Be careful how you swing that ax.
She swung the bat but missed the ball.
She swung her purse at me.
She swung (at the ball) but missed.
He swung at me [=tried to hit me with his fist] for no reason.
Definition 4:
To move back and forth on a special type of seat (called a swing) .

A playground where kids go to swing
Definition 5:
To turn or move quickly in a particular direction no obj often + around + obj .

The road swings to the left sharply after a few miles.
He swung around to look at the clock.
She swung the car into the driveway.
He swung the flashlight toward the noise.
Definition 6:
To change suddenly from one state or condition to another .

Sales swung up sharply at the end of the year.
The game suddenly swung in favor of the home team.
His mood can swing wildly from cheerful to angry.
They have to be ready to swing into action [=to start doing something quickly] at a moment’s notice.
Definition 7:
To change or influence (something) in an important way .

His strong performance in the second half swung the game in our favor.
Her promise to lower taxes may have swung [=changed the outcome of] the presidential election.
They may still swing their votes to the other candidate.
Definition 8:
To do or manage (something) successfully .

Do you think you can swing the job?
She isn’t able to swing [=afford] a new car on her income.
If he can swing it, he’ll visit next month.
Definition 9:
To be lively or exciting .

The bar really swings on weekends.
The party was swinging.
Definition 10:
To die by hanging .

He swung for his crimes.

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