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Definition 1:
Something that people are talking about, thinking about, etc. :an important subject or topic .

She is concerned with a variety of social/moral/economic issues.
Water purity is a public health issue.
The President’s speech addressed a number of important issues.
Campaign issues like education and defense
The company insists that race was not an issue in its decision. [=that its decision was not related to race in any way]
The issue is poverty, not race: to talk about race is simply to confuse the issue.
The case involves some complicated legal issues.
He should stop dodging/avoiding the issue and make a decision now.
Definition 2:
The version of a newspaper, magazine, etc., that is published at a particular time .

There’s an interesting article on page 12 of this issue.
The most recent issue of the magazine/journal
The current/latest issue
The library has a large collection of back issues. [=magazines, newspapers, etc., published before the current issue]
Definition 3:
The act of officially making something available or giving something to people to be used :the act of issuing something see also standard-issue.

Several senators are calling for the issue [=issuance] of new guidelines.
A government-issue gun [=a gun that the government has officially given to someone]
Definition 4:
Problems or concerns .

The health issues associated with aging

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