No Talking When Digesting French Article

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Definition 1:
A lack of sound or noise :quiet .

I find it hard to sleep unless there is complete silence.
The silence was broken by the sound of footsteps in the hallway.
Definition 2:
A situation, state, or period of time in which people do not talk noncount count .

We sat there in dead/total/complete silence.
My sister’s revelation was met with stunned silence.
Silence fell/descended upon the room. [=the room became quiet]
The professor asked for silence.
There was an awkward silence after he confessed his love for her.
A long silence followed her reply.
Definition 3:
A situation or state in which someone does not talk about or answer questions about something noncount singular see also conspiracy of silence.

We must break 50 years of silence on issues like the government’s involvement in assassination and espionage.
I will not be intimidated into silence.
You don’t have to suffer in silence. [=suffer or be unhappy without saying anything]
She finally ended her silence and spoke to the media about what happened.

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