Musical Ensemble

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Definition 1:
A usually small group of musicians who play popular music together compare orchestra see also big band brass band garage band marching band one-man band.

The band’s drummer is also the lead singer.
A rock-and-roll band
A jazz band
Definition 2:
A group of people or animals .

A band of scientists questioned the theory.
She photographed a band of gorillas.
A band of hunters from the tribe
Definition 3:
A flat, straight piece of material (such as plastic or metal) that forms a circle around something see also armband rubber band sweatband waistband.

A band of plastic holds the lid on the container.
They placed a metal band with an identification number on the bird’s leg.
She lost her wedding band. [=wedding ring]
Definition 4:
A strip of something that is different from what is around it :a thick line often + of .

The bird has black bands above its eyes.
The dress has an embroidered band at the hem.
There is a band of white near the hem of the dress.
A band of thunderstorms crossed the area late last night.
They left a narrow band of grass growing near the street.
Definition 5:
A range of frequencies over which radio signals are broadcast .

The radio station broadcasts on the AM band.
Definition 6:
A range or group between a lower and an upper limit :bracket .

People in younger age bands may be in higher or lower tax bands.

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