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Definition 1:
To fill (something) so that there is little or no room for anyone or anything else :to take up much or most of the space in (an area or space) .

College students crowded [=packed] the little bar on the night of the poetry reading.
Boxes crowded the floor of my apartment.
There are too many products crowding the market.
The hall was crowded [=crammed, packed] with scientists from around the world
Streets crowded with traffic
Definition 2:
To push or force (something) into a small space .

The club has been accused of crowding too many people into too small a space.
Definition 3:
To move into a small space + into or onto .

The four of us crowded into a little booth at the restaurant.
We crowded onto the bus.
Definition 4:
To form a tight group around (something or someone) .

Several horses were crowding [=crowding around] the water trough.
By the end of the 10th mile, three bicyclists were crowding the racer in front.
Definition 5:
To stand very close or too close to (someone or something) sometimes used figuratively .

Please move back. You’re crowding me.
(baseball) The batter was crowding the plate.
He said he broke up with his last girlfriend because she was beginning to crowd him. [=she was not allowing him enough privacy and independence]

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