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Definition 1:
To combine (two or more things) to make one thing that is the same throughout :to combine (two or more substances) to make a different substance + obj no obj .

Mix [=blend] flour and water (together) to make a paste.
To make frosting for the cake, mix powdered sugar with a little milk and vanilla.
You can make purple by mixing the colors red and blue.
Add the ingredients and mix [=blend] well.
Definition 2:
To add (something) to something else often + in or into .

Mix some water with the flour to make a paste.
I mixed in [=added] a little more sugar.
Slowly mix [=stir] in the rice.
Mix water into the flour to make a paste.
Definition 3:
To be combined and become one thing that is the same throughout .

Oil will not mix with water. = Oil and water don’t mix.
Flour can mix [=blend, combine] with water to make a paste.
Definition 4:
To make or prepare (something, such as an alcoholic drink) by combining different things .

Please mix a drink for me. = Please mix me a drink.
Definition 5:
To make (a recording of music) by electronically putting sounds together from more than one source .

She mixed her own CD of dance music.
Definition 6:
To bring (different things) together .

His novel mixes humor with drama.
Playing golf with clients is one way to mix business with pleasure. [=to do something enjoyable that is related to your work]
Definition 7:
To talk in a friendly way with different people and especially with strangers .

She mixes well in social situations.
Our families don’t mix [=don’t get along] with each other.
Definition 8:
To be able to be combined or put together in a way that has good results used in negative statements .

Drinking (alcohol) and driving don’t mix. [=you should not drive after you have been drinking alcohol]
They claim that art and politics do not mix.

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