Move Whistler’s New Painting Back

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Definition 1:
To move (someone or something) from one place to another .

We transferred the baby’s car seat to the other car.
The patient was transferred to a different hospital.
Definition 2:
To cause (something) to move from one person, place, or thing to another: such as.

Definition 3:
To move (data, money, etc.) from one place to another electronically .

transfer data on the hard drive to a disk
transfer funds electronically
He transferred my call to another line.
Definition 4:
To cause (a disease, virus, etc.) to move from one living thing to another :transmit .

The virus is transferred by mosquitoes.
Definition 5:
To give (property or rights) to another person .

He transferred control of the company to his son.
transfer property by deed
Definition 6:
To use (something, such as an idea, a skill, etc.) for a new or different purpose .

She was able to transfer her organizational skills to her new job.
Definition 7:
To be used for a new or different purpose .

Her skills transferred well to her new job.
Definition 8:
To stop going to one school and begin going to another .

She transferred from another high school last year.
He transferred to Stanford.
(Brit) My son will transfer to secondary school [=will begin going to secondary school] next year.
Definition 9:
To move to a different place or job for the same employer no obj + obj .

I asked to transfer to the sales department.
He was transferred to the Los Angeles office last year.
She was transferred to a different department.
The army transferred him to Germany.
Definition 10:
To use (credits earned at one school) at a different school .

I was able to transfer my credits from summer school.
Definition 11:
To move (a player) to another team in exchange for money + obj no obj .

He was transferred [=(US) sold] to Arsenal.
He transferred to Arsenal.
Definition 12:
To change from one plane, bus, train, etc., to another while traveling no obj + obj .

We transferred in Chicago.
We had to transfer [=change] planes in Chicago.
The passengers were transferred to another plane.

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