Mountain Route

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Definition 1:
To move past someone or something no obj often + by + obj often + by .

The boat was too tall to pass beneath/under the bridge.
A flock of geese were passing overhead.
Stand here and don’t let anyone pass. [=move past you]
They pass by the library on their way to school.
I was just passing by and thought I’d stop and say hello.
They pass the library every morning on their way to school.
The ships passed each other in the night.
We passed each other in the hallway without looking up.
She was hoping he would stop and talk to her, but he passed her by.
Definition 2:
To move past someone or something that is moving more slowly in the same direction no obj + obj .

(US) “Is it safe to pass?” [=(Brit) overtake] “No, there’s a car coming in the other lane.”
She passed two other runners just before the finish line.
He passed the slower cars on the highway.
Definition 3:
To move or go into or through a particular place often + through .

The drug passes quickly into the bloodstream.
In a solar eclipse, the moon passes between the sun and the Earth.
The airplane passed out of sight.
Fear and panic passed through the crowd.
A river passes through the middle of the city.
Millions of tourists pass through the museum every year.
The paper passes through the fax machine and comes out the other end.
The bullet passed through his shoulder.
We passed through Texas on our way to Mexico.
We’re just passing through. [=staying here for a very short time]
Definition 4:
To cause (something) to move or go in a specified way .

Pass the end of the string through the loop.
He passed the rope around the pole.
Definition 5:
To give (something) to someone using your hands .

She passed the baby back to his mother.
Would you please pass the salt?
Pass [=hand] me the butter, please.
They started passing around pictures of their trip.
Take one sheet and pass the rest down/on/along. [=take one sheet and give the rest to the next person]
Can you pass that screwdriver over to me?
Definition 6:
To throw, hit, or kick a ball or puck to a teammate + obj no obj .

Pass me the ball! = Pass the ball to me!
She passed to her teammate who then scored a goal.
Definition 7:
To cause someone to have or be affected by (something that you have had or been affected by) often + on sometimes + along .

The disease was passed from mother to child. = She passed the disease to her child.
She contracted the disease and passed it on to her child.
Gas prices have risen, forcing companies to pass the cost on to the consumer.
We lowered our costs and are now able to pass on the savings to our customers.
We’re passing the savings along to our customers.
Definition 8:
To give (information) to another person often + on often + along .

Doctors need to pass this information on to their patients.
Everyone’s invited to the party. Pass it on! [=tell people that everyone is invited]
They quickly passed the word along that the meeting was postponed.
He told me about it, and now I’m passing it along to you.
Definition 9:
To go from one person to another person .

The rumor quickly passed [=spread] from person to person.
The book passed from hand to hand.
Definition 10:
To be given to someone especially according to a law, rule, etc. .

The throne passed to the king’s son.
Ownership passes to the buyer upon payment in full.
After her death, the house passed into the hands of her granddaughter. [=her granddaughter became the owner of the house]
Definition 11:
To go by .

Several months passed before I received a reply.
He became sleepy as the time passed.
The days pass quickly when you’re on vacation.
Another day passed without any news about the whereabouts of their missing son.
Definition 12:
To let (time or a period of time) go by especially while you are doing something enjoyable .

He passes [=spends] his days reading and taking walks around the neighborhood.
They passed the evening playing cards.
We played games to pass the time on the bus.
I walked over to my neighbor’s house to pass the time of day. [=to have a friendly and informal conversation]
Definition 13:
To happen or take place often + between .

The meeting passed without incident.
He hoped that his mistake would pass unnoticed. [=not be noticed by anyone]
A meaningful glance passed between them. [=they glanced at each other in a meaningful way]
It’s hard to believe that they’re still friends after everything that’s passed between them.
Definition 14:
To end or go away .

She couldn’t let the moment pass (away) without saying something.
This crisis will soon pass. [=will soon be over]
A storm had just passed.
They waited until it was clear that the danger had passed.
They were happy once, but that time has passed. [=that time is over]
The era of the traveling salesman has passed into history. [=traveling salesmen no longer exist]
Definition 15:
To be done, said, etc., without producing a response .

I disagreed with what he said, but I let it pass. [=I did not say anything in response to his remark]
She let his remark pass without comment.
Definition 16:
To not take, accept, or use something that is offered to you often + on .

Thanks for the offer, but I’ll pass.
He passed on the cake. [=he did not eat any cake]
I think I’ll pass on going with you.
Definition 17:
To decide not to do something at a particular point in a game (such as a card game) when it is your turn .

“I bid three of hearts.” “I pass.”
Definition 18:
To complete (a test, class, etc.) successfully + obj no obj .

He failed his driver’s test the first time he took it, but he passed it the second time.
I almost didn’t pass my French class this semester.
“How did you do on the test?” “I passed!”
Definition 19:
To decide that (someone) has passed an examination or course of study .

The teacher said she couldn’t pass me because I failed all of my tests.
Definition 20:
To officially approve (a law, bill, etc.) .

Congress passed a law banning the sale of automatic rifles.
The measure was passed by both the House and the Senate.
We’ve been trying to get this legislation passed for several months now.
Definition 21:
To become approved by (a legislature) + obj no obj .

The measure passed both the House and the Senate.
The bill passed the House but was defeated/rejected by the Senate.
The proposal passed (into law).
The bill failed to pass in the Senate.
Definition 22:
To say or state (something) especially in an official way .

Before passing sentence [=announcing the punishment], the judge commented on the seriousness of the crime.
The court is now ready to pass judgment.
It would be premature to pass judgment on [=to state an opinion on] his place in history.
Don’t pass judgment on me [=don’t criticize me] until you know all the facts.
Definition 23:
To go beyond (a number or amount) usually used with mark .

It’s an extremely successful movie that has just passed [=exceeded, surpassed] the $100 million mark. [=it has earned more than $100 million]
I’ve passed the half-century mark. [=I am over 50 years old]
Definition 24:
To change from one state or form to another .

The water passes from a liquid to a gas.
passing through the different stages of human development
Definition 25:
To be good enough :to be adequate .

The work isn’t perfect, but it will pass. [=will do]
Definition 26:
To illegally use (checks, bills, etc., with no real value) as money .

They were charged with passing bad checks.
He was trying to pass counterfeit money.
Definition 27:
To have (something) come out from your body see also pass gas at gas pass water at water.

He had been passing blood in his urine. [=blood had been appearing in his urine]
pass a kidney stone
Definition 28:
To die used as a polite way to avoid saying the word “die” see also pass away pass on (below).

I’m sorry, but your grandfather has passed.

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