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Definition 1:
The invisible mixture of gases (such as nitrogen and oxygen) that surrounds the Earth and that people and animals breathe see also a breath of fresh air at breath.

These laws are meant to produce cleaner air.
A delicious smell filled the air.
I like to dine outdoors in the open air.
Cool/warm air
Fresh air
A sudden gust of air [=wind]
Polluted air
Stale air
The hot summer air
He can’t breathe! Everybody move back and give him some air!
High in the mountains the air is thin and it can be hard to breathe.
He pumped air into the bicycle tire.
My keys seem to have vanished/disappeared into thin air. [=to have vanished in a very sudden and mysterious way]
He seemed to appear out of thin air. [=in a very sudden and mysterious way]
Definition 2:
The space or sky that is filled with air .

Land, water, and air
The city is wonderful seen from the air.
The fish of the sea and the birds of the air
The balloon rose up into the air and then floated through/in the air.
There has been heavy fighting on the ground and in the air.
Definition 3:
Methods of travel that involve flying often used before another noun .

Travel by air [=by flying in airplanes]
An air attack
air safety
air travel/travelers
Definition 4:
A quality that a person or thing has often + of .

A dignified air
An air of dignity
The new furniture has given the hotel an air of luxury.
He has an air of mystery about him. [=he has a mysterious quality]
Definition 5:
A song or tune .

A pleasing air
Definition 6:
air-conditioning .

A house with central air

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